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Saturdays In The Park

Saturdays at Lake Union Park just got more exciting!

8:30-9:45am: Free Yoga class in the MOHAI atrium. Bring your own mat.

10am-5pm: MOHAI open, including 30-minute Atrium Tours at 11am and 2pm

11am-2pm: MOHAI Family Lab! Take-home crafts, collaborative games, and artifact exploration. Included with admission and appropriate for all ages.

Voices from the Past

An oral history from David Coy

You know [as a boy] we’d come around in a skiff, and we’d climb up the anchor chains on these sailing ships and get right up on the bowsprit and jump. That was probably back around ‘32, ‘34, something like that. We had a houseboat and my dad would pull it with a boat, and we’d come into the moorage and hook up the water and put the clamp on, twist the wires together, and boom we’re in business. And we’d stay wherever, and we’d move again.
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