Visiting Vessels at Lake Union Park

Lake Union Park is host to a variety of visiting vessels throughout the year. Most of these vessels are privately owned by individuals, but many are owned by non-profit organizations which use them for public and youth programs. Often, these vessels participate in CastOFF! - free Sunday boat rides - at The Center for Wooden Boats. The following is a list of some of the vessels that have visited Lake Union Park in the past. To see which vessels will be at the park in the future, take a look at the calendar.

Schooner Adventuress


adventuressBuilt in 1913 by yacht designer B.B. Crowninshield, Adventuress was first owned by John Borden II of Chicago, founder of the Yellow Cab Company. Soon after, she was sold to the San Francisco Bar Pilot's Association - for reasons still unknown. For 35 years she plied the rough, treacherous waters off the Farrallones. In 1951 she was abandoned by the Pilots, and was almost destroyed in a fire. Around 1961 Adventuress was brought to Seattle, and a series of stewards have since restored her to her original glory. Adventuress is now owned by Sound Experience, based in Port Townsend, WA, and is used as an envrionmental training vessel for youth and adults. 

Wooden Fantail Yacht M/V Discovery


discoveryDiscovery was originally designed and built as 'Holiday' for William Morris of the William Morris agency in 1931 in San Pedro, California. From her Teak decks and Deckhouse to her fine Mahogany paneling she reflects an era long past when craftsmanship meant pride in artistry. Discovery is currently opperated as an Alaskan charter vessel, but participates in the CastOFF! program when moored at Lake Union Park. Learn more about Discovery.

M/V Fremont Avenue


fremont avenueM/V Fremont Avenue visits the wharf at Lake Union Park on Sundays throughout the year to offer Ice Cream Cruises on Lake Union. Known as the Fremont Avenue Ferry, the vessel is available for charters, parties, and more. Learn more about Fremont Avenue.

Schooner Lavengro


lavengroLavengro was built in 1927 as 'Helen' by noted Biloxi shipwright Jack Covacavich. Lavengro has had many lives since then: as a family live aboard, a Coast Guard sailing trainer during World War II, and a charter boat in Hawaii. Most recently she has been donated to the Northwest Schooner Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and use of classic wooden sailing vessels. Northwest Schooner Society currently uses Lavengro as a charter and sail training vessel. 



norwesterDesigned by Frank Munroe, a naval architect, Nor’wester was designed to sail in "any seas, in any weather". She was built in 1932 in Winthrop, Massachusetts, at the Willis Reid Shipyard, and is a superb example of the classic wooden motor yacht. Nor’wester was owned by John Wayne between 1955 and 1963. Nor’wester offers dockside tours when moored at Lake Union Park, and is currently opperated as a charter vessel. Learn more about Nor'Wester.

Yankee Clipper


yankee clipperThe Seattle-based gaff ketch Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper creates opportunities for young people to learn and demonstrate leadership, teamwork, self-reliance, self-confidence and a strong work ethic in an environment based on ancient tradition and 21st-century innovation. Learn more about Yankee Clipper.



Schooner Zodiac


zodiacBuilt for the heirs to Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid fortune, Zodiac was designed by William H. Hand, Jr., to epitomize the best features of the American fishing schooner. She competed in the 1928 Transatlantic Race - where uncharacteristically light winds left heavy ships like Zodiac to wallow into late finishes. She was sold to the San Francisco Bar Pilots during the Depression and was renamed California. She worked the rugged waters outside the Golden Gate for forty years, retiring in 1972, as the last working pilot schooner in the United States. In the late 70's, the Vessel Zodiac Corporation was formed to operate and maintain the schooner as well as restore her to her former beauty and sailing strength.