Center for Wooden Boats 2008 Year-in-Review

It's always fun to see images of CWB and reflect on the year. You can go to CWB's homepage and see the Photo Album for 2008 - click on the link that says "CWB's 2008 Photo Album". Or open up the Monday Seattle PI (12.29.08) to the two page spread on A8 and A9 of "2008 Pictures of the Year" and see a photo of the Lake Oswego boat taken at CWB last Spring with our name in the caption.  Or you might go to one of the following webpages that featured articles about CWB in 2008.

Haida Carver Bringing Magic Back by hand - The Seattle Times

It is Easy to Find Affordable Entertainment in Seattle's Musuems -

CWB on Sound Focus - 94.9 KUOW

Seattle on the Cheap, for Visitors and Locals - The Seattle Times

Free Party at Lake Union Park - The Seattle Times

36 Hours in Seattle - The New York Times

Thanks for making 2008 such a great year!