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Boating at Lake Union Park Give back to your community and have fun at the same time as a volunteer at Lake Union Park. Help out with a special event or take the public out for a sail. Want to learn something new? Become a docent for a landmark vessel or varnish the rail on a classic sailboat.


The organizations in the Working Group at Lake Union Park are involved with many different areas of Maritime Heritage. Some of the organizations care for National Historic Landmark Vessels, and some teach students skills for the modern maritime trade. Here are a few of the areas of Advocacy that organizations within the Working Group are getting invloved.

Historic Maritime Vessel Preservation Legislation

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National Heritage Area Initiative

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Vision at Lake Union Park

The Working Group at Lake Union Park meets twice monthly to plan events and activities to bring South Lake Union to life. From Sea Chantey Sings to Steam Engine Repair Workshops, from model boat building to learn-to-sail programs, there's a little something for everyone.

The Working Group has created a plan to accomplish a variety of goals, many of which include the programs mentioned above. This work plan is a vision and road map for sharing Northwest history at Lake Union Park through year-round exhibits and hands-on experiences.

Working Group Resources

BannersThe Working Group at Lake Union Park was created to provide a platform for collaboration among the At Lake Union Park partner organizations. The group plans and organizes collaborative events at Lake Union Park and the Historic Ships Wharf, discusses issues that affect the groups and the Maritime Heritage world, and shares strategies for the success and growth of each organization.


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